Being a futureproof seamless manager

What could be the managers role of the future?
The future will have more and more unpredictability.
Technologies will merge and abundance is near.
Old fashioned strategic planning will become useless. Flexibility and agility is key.
The manager of the future has to cope with this ever quicker changing environment and this blog explains one way to do this.


The way to become a successful future proof manger is actually quite simple.
Stick to the following five statements:

  1. Do not assume a sacred purpose, but the available resources   (Bird in Hand)
  2. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose   (Affordable loss)
  3. Use your network and the resources that offers this   (Crazy quilt)
  4. Change chance & unpleasant surprises into opportunities   (Lemonade)
  5. Be master of your own future by creating it yourself   (Pilot in the plane)

Aka: (Corporate) Effectuation: the method of many successful entrepreneurs.

Master your own future

Effectuation provides concrete tools to deal effectively with unpredictability. And these principles are a solution for managers. Because in a world where flexibility and agility are more important, you need as a manager to become more & more entrepreneurial.
Many companies seek out market opportunities, devise a goal and try to find the most appropriate means of achieving that goal.
Effectuation says turn that process upside down. Begin with the analysis of the available resources: what do you already have in house? Next to money or physical property, it may also be: customers, stakeholders, experience, image, a logistics network or certain rights on payment conditions, just to name a few. By taking the available resources as a starting point, companies are better able to create chances. (Working from your strengths.) If you know what you have available, you know where your opportunities lie. Think of the difference between the chef who buys everything according to recipe and the chef who first checks what ingredients are in stock, and then considers what to prepare.




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