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Millennials’ Workplace

Entering the workforce

Millennials are entering the workforce right now. Sometimes they are called disloyal job hoppers, as they change jobs quite often: They leave an organization in two years because they are dissatisfied with how their leadership skills are being developed. But maybe you should not blame them, but look in the mirror first. The better you understand this new working class, the better positioned you’ll be to thrive in 2018 and beyond. The digital age has fundamentally rewired Millennials. Especially compared to baby boomers’ minds. So what can you do to keep them engaged, inspire creativity and productivity?


Millennials want flexible work schedules, more ‘me time’ on the job. They are adapting quickly to a world undergoing rapid technological change. Millennials are vocalizing the change they want. They are eager to go to work for organizations where they want, not need, to show up. Companies have to fundamentally redefine the programs, policies, and perks offered, to keep Millennials engaged and working for their company. The top 5:

  1. Learning & development becomes paramount
    Learning and development will be even more critical moving forward because the emerging generations know they will have highly varied and the longest careers of any generation before them.
  2. The way we buy & sell evolves
    As more and more Millennials step into decision making roles, they will be open to re-evaluating long-standing relationships and legacy processes or procedures.
  3. Employer branding rises in relevance
    Your company brand is your employment brand and it is the most important asset you possess.
  4. The emphasis on employee experience enhances
    As an employer, find ways to increase engagement by offering my robust and unique experiences.
  5. The structure and cadence of feedback transforms
    Stop with year-end reviews as Millennials want nearly nonstop feedback and career advice from managers: fluid touch points. Continuously listening to your employees is the key to positive employee experiences.

Facing turbulent times

The reason Millennials are the most highly scrutinized generation of all time is that they put a face to the change that every industry and individual is facing in today’s turbulent times (fallout of unfulfilled promises and the failures of the political system). One of the most underestimated societal problems stems from the tension between human sense of desire and usurious system requirements. Next to that the increasing integration of robotics into our daily lives also increases the awareness that makes people unique. It is time for a value shift.


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