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A while ago I read an article about Ilkka Paananen, founder of Finnish gaming start-up Supercell on Paananen puts Supercell’s success firmly at the quality of his employees.
“The best people make the best games,” he says. “It sounds simple and perhaps naive, but if you truly believe it then the only thing that matters is getting those people and creating the best possible environment so they stay.” Trust your people is a major stake in this.

Seamless environment

To get the best possible environment to get the best quality of employees, he defines four values.

  1. Minimize bureaucracy
    Is it something your customers want or need? No? Then don’t do it!
    (Unless the law demands it of course, but then still keep it small and agile. Otherwise you miss assets available to use for your customers happiness and satisfaction.)
  2. Be transparent
    When you don’t share dashboard-like information, especially company numbers and trends, with your people, they miss the feeling of contributing to a greater goal: Epic scale
  3. Celebrate failure
    Fear is your worst advisor! If people do everything to prevent failure, they won’t move forward. Facebook has several quotes hanging in their office. Most applicable on this one is:

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

  1. Get big by thinking small
    “Small independent cells is where the company name comes from,” explains Paananen.
    The speed of small teams and keeping things simple is crucial to survive in this ever faster changing and moving world. Agility in this way, is key.
    Leave out management layers, trust your teams, trust your people!

Permanent Beta

Permanent Beta

These values are, in my opinion, key to a seamless operation, thus company.
Do what is best for your team and your customers. Not necessarily do exactly what they say, but do what they want & need. Sometimes people do not exactly know what they need, so they say something different. Discover the question behind their first question or wish. Act on that.
But keep in mind, people (and the world) change. Change in an ever faster way, shorter attention span and with exponential increasing technological possibilities. Maybe you should always keep it in Bèta, so you keep on working to keep happy customers satisfied? #PermanentBeta




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