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Seamless Customer Experience – explained through an experience II

Why isn’t there a supermarket like:

A supermarket, where you always do your grocery shopping. You know, the one you go to a couple of times per week, to do your usual shopping for back home. Friendly, helpful people working there. Saying ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’ when you enter. Actually, you feel always welcome and cared for in a nice humble way. When you look for something, they help you find it and guide you the way to it. This gives you a feeling of a well-respected customer, so you like spending your money there, in that certain shop.

At someday, it is an ice cold, snowy winter. You know, such a freezing just a couple of days before Christmas. That day, you walk into your favorite supermarket. Again, like any other day you enter, doing you usual grocery shopping.
One thing, which you like in particular, is the box with Cappuccino bags inside from your favorite brand. Particularly this brand of cappuccino bags makes your create a very smooth and hot Cappuccino back home quick & easy.
You take those on regular basis, so buys them on regular basis as well. You always have those in your house, for just in case you get appetite for it. As you need a new box, you put one into your basket this time as well. Looking forward to make one when you come back home just after doing your current shopping.
Once you finished your grocery list, you go to the cashier.

When arriving there, you put your groceries on the belt. Saying ‘hi’ to the cashier, who is still scanning the groceries of the lady in front of you. But she says a very friendly ‘hi’ back to you. Once it is your turn, she starts scanning your groceries. And she asks you about how your sports game went last weekend. You have a nice small talk together about this game. When she is finished with the cash register, she suddenly takes something from below the counter.
When she gets up, she shows you a box of wiener melange, of the exact same brand, you always by your cappuccino from. You are very surprised and confused why this is happening.
Then she explains: “You are a very good customer and we appreciate that very much. That’s we give you a wiener melange of the same brand you always buy cappuccino’s from. Just for you to test it. Wiener melange fits very well with Christmas candy too. *wink* And if you don’t like the taste, please let us know, than you get a free box of your favorite cappuccino, so you are definitely not out of stock during the dark Christmas days. Here take it, try it and keep it. We thank you and hope to see you next time again. Have a great day and a wonderful Christmas!”

Why aren’t there real supermarkets like this?
If we want it, it can be possible. If we want it, it can be possible! 🙂


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