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Seamless Customer Experience – explained through an experience III

Sometimes you are working on a story, and then it already turns up in real life.
Which is awesome! A dream coming true.
So here is a true Seamless Customer Experience – explained through an experience. 🙂

No lines in the supermarket

In my small village, is a supermarket without any checkout counters. (figure of speech)
Not even a self-checkout counter. No waiting anymore, you can just do grocery shopping.
When entering the lady filling an aisle, is saying “good afternoon” to me while walking by.
No rush, or stress, just walking by to keep the shelves neat and filled.
Possible, because she does not have to do both the counter when the lines become too long and keep the shop neatly.

No separate basket or cart

In this supermarket, you are allowed to bring an use your own bag.
So you can shop with your own bag or trolley and put the groceries directly into it.
(This saves a lot of loading out and loading in, plus a whole logistics around getting the empty carts bag to the entrance of the shop.) 😉
Next to that it feels comfy and familiar, which makes me going there more often, actually regularly.
So this makes not only me, but also the supermarket happy.

No time to waste

As you might already know, I am fond of technologies.
And as Kevin Kelly states, it is inevitable that they will shape our future.
Not on its own, but a combination of technologies will, in my opinion, be the key to success.
This supermarket is an example of how a combination can turn into a unique experience.
Dream about possibilities, stop thinking about why it cannot be done and most of all: start working on making it possible. 🙂




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