Below is my wishlist, if you want to trade something in return for something or support me you could help me with the following:

Physical stuff:

  1. Non-buzzing dimmer for my dinner table lamp
  2. Raspberry Pi Home Entertainment System
  3. Fixnzip
  4. “Looking through the wall”-device: Walabot, DIY version


  1. F16 2-seater flight
  2. Rally course
  3. Audi / Porsche / … ice lake training
  4. PADI Advanced
  5. Doing a voice for a cartoon movie character
  6. Ice skating lessons
  7. Bungy jump
  8. “Hottub” Red Bull Formula 1 paddock ticket
  9. Blue Hill NY

People gave me:

  • Rubber flap-thingy to put between child-car-seat and backseat of the car. – Thanks Ingrid!
  • Trailer driving license
  • Winter jacket – Thanks Yvonne!
  • Hiking boots
  • Parachute jump – Thanks Yvonne!